A community meeting towards the newest Change Expenses was actually held at Corn Hall (George Danby-Palmer, Esq

A community meeting towards the newest Change Expenses was actually held at Corn Hall (George Danby-Palmer, Esq

A community meeting towards the newest Change Expenses was actually held at Corn Hall (George Danby-Palmer, Esq

A boat got taken to sea manned totally from the learn mariners; the rise within the wages and the attractions of your own Navy that have very faster what number of popular seamen.

, regarding couch), in the event the adopting the gentlemen took part in what is going on:-Mr. W. Letter. Burroughs, Mr. McCullagh, Mr. J. W. Shelly, Mr. C. Age. Bartram, Mr. J. Clowes, Mr. J. Owles, Mr. Jackson, Mr. D. A beneficial. Roentgen. Hammond.

February 18th.-A meeting is kept in the Celebrity Resort, Mr. J. H. Harrison on settee, to look at the latest get out-of bungalow property.

Gourlay, and you may Mr

February 25th.-A monument metal was listed in St. Nicholas’ Chapel into the recollections of one’s late Dr. A good. Impey.

April first.-The fresh Baltic Collection was at Kiel, and Admiral Plumridge is actually planning move their flag regarding “Leopard” towards the “St. Jean d’ Acre.”

April 12th.-From the appointment towards Election out-of Haven Commissioners, Head Scott suggested and you may Captain Briggs seconded George Danby-; W. Yetts, Esq., advised, and you can C. J. Palmer Esq., seconded, Roentgen. Ferrier, Esq.; J. Jackson, Esq., recommended, and you may Garson Blake, Esq., seconded, J. Barker, Esq.; H. , recommended, and you may S. Cobb, Esq., seconded, Richard Hammond, Esq., junr.; and you can Mr. J. Owles recommended, and Mr. T. Lettis seconded, D. A great. Gourlay, Esq. Mr. Ferrier declined to go to a great poll, and you may with that Messrs. Palmer and you may Barker was chose Commissioners and Messrs. Hammond and Gourlay Supernumerary Commissioners in place of resistance.

St. Nicholas’ Ward.-James Jackson, cottage holder, 2 hundred, elected; Samuel Nightingale, brewer, 167, elected; John Mainprice, soul merchant, 159, elected; Henry Boulter, confectioner, 129; William Wright, strengthening and you https://kissbrides.com/filipino-brides/ may cottage proprietor, 123; Edward H. L. Preston, wood supplier, 112; Abraham Amis, bungalow holder, 107.

Regulations, grocer, 194, elected; David Abraham Gourlay, shipowner, 168, elected; Joseph Harvey, tanner, 132, elected; John Cobb, currier and you may fabric vendor, 102; Robert Tooley, miller, 76; Richard Ecclestone, draper, 71; William Woolston, bungalow holder, 56.

Regent Ward.-Samuel Charles Praise, solicitor, 156, elected; Thomas Foreman, shipowner and cottage owner, 126, elected; James Denny Chapman, draper, 116; p. 188 Frederick Palmer, doctor, 102; William Livingstone, draper, &c., 68: John An effective. Norman, jun., bungalow owner, 66.

St. George’s Ward.-Richard Ferrier, brewer, 225 elected; Signup Fenn, fish vendor, 222, elected; Cubitt Engal Bartram, gentleman, 116; Christopher Steward, pawnbroker, 83; Robert Web page, bungalow manager, 65.

Nelson Ward.-George Danby-Palmer, shipowner, 258, elected; James Hargrave Harrison, bungalow holder, 235, elected; Charles Woolverton, local plumber, 212, elected: Thomas Brightwen, guy, 206, elected; Samuel Velzi Moore, anchorsmith, 177; Thomas Lettis, inside the Powell, vendor, 126; John Clarke, shipowner, 158.

April 29th.-The latest guys of the Eastern Norfolk Military and you can Norfolk Weaponry Troops got build in the business Put beneath the demand off Colonel Mason and Lord Hastings, respectively.

May third.-The fresh Stewards for another Membership Basketball would be to function as Mayor, Chief Pearson Roentgen.Letter., S. C. Marsh, Esq., C. J. , and you will Meters. Lacon, Esq.

Palmer, Esq

The indictment in cases like this contains 10 matters, eight from which charged a just be sure to defraud, additionally the last about three a just be sure to receive money by the not true pretences. The newest offender got inserted to the a binding agreement for the Board of Guardians of good Yarmouth to provide breads of one’s lbs off around three pounds and a half towards the terrible, and had offered some of the out-home paupers having loaves consider merely 3lbs. cuatro ozs., along with represented towards Overseers of your worst that loaves offered was in fact of the contract weight, together with endeavoured discover commission accordingly. This case are repaid towards the Recorder of good Yarmouth is revised, in order to have the question completely argued.

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